Unstartable volume in vxvm

I recently had an case, where I got

ERROR V-5-1-1198 Volume misc2prd_redo2vol has no CLEAN or non-volatile ACTIVE plexes

The plex associated with the volume was in RECOVER state. This can happend “if the plex content is out of-date with respect to the volume. This can happen if a disk containing one or more of the plex’s subdisks has been replaced or reattached”.  In my case it was caused by a failing disk, that was brought online again later.  To recover I did:

# Force the plex into offline state
sudo vxmend -g misc2prd_dg2 -o force off misc2prd_redo2vol-01
# Put the plex into stale state
sudo vxmend -g misc2prd_dg2 on misc2prd_redo2vol-01
# Put the plex into clean state
sudo vxmend -g misc2prd_dg2 fix clean misc2prd_redo2vol-01

# Start the volume
sudo vxvol -g misc2prd_dg2 startall

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