Firmware update ILO of HPE DL385 gen1

Playing around with old hardware brought me to a place where I needed to firmware upgrade the ILO of an HPE DL385 G1 server in linux (Centos6). Fairly simple actually

[root@dl385 ~]# ./CP023365.scexe
FLASH_iLO v1.10 for Linux (Mar 19 2009)
Copyright 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Firmware image: ilo196.bin
Current iLO firmware version 1.87; Serial number ILOow�:nػ_�_�ܕ/ϟ

Component XML file: CP023365.xml
CP023365.xml reports firmware version 1.96
This operation will update the firmware on the
iLO in this server with version 1.96.
Continue (y/N)?y
***** DO NOT INTERRUPT! *****
Firmware image file is being sent … 100%
Flash is in progress…
Firmware flash is complete.
The device will reset …
Device reset will complete in 1 seconds…
[root@dl385 ~]#

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