Upgrade of dd-wrt from build 14929 to build 21061 on an E3000

A day off. What to do? Upgrade something ofcourse. This time it was my trustworthy E3000 router that I have had for one and a half year.

Things have been progressing in the dd-wrt camp, and they have switched from the e2k-e3k format to the new nv60 build format.

Essentially flashing the E3000 with a custom build goes something like this:

  • Flash a trailed build built especially for your device. Do not flash with a build, that does not have your device name it it!
  • Flash the system with an nv60 build

Then there are some cutover points. Roughly speaking build 18000 marks the beginning of the nv60 builds. So you can not flash a post 18000 nv60 build on a router running a pre 18000 e2k-e3k build, which was what I had. So first a trailed mini-build


to let me come to 21061. And then an nv60 version of the same build (though with more features)


Time used on figuring this out: 30 minutes.
Time used on flashing: 3 minutes.

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