Ubuntu and Cisco anyconnect

I recently installed ubuntu 11.10 in a laptop. I then had the need to connect that laptop to a cisco based anyconnect VPN. I could have gone the route of trying to install some cisco anyconnect software. I could also just issue

sudo apt-get install networkmanageropenconnect-gnome

And then configure the vpn using network-manager. I choose the latter ;-)

Hurraayyy for OSS

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  1. Cris says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for this tip!

    Same as you, I have Ubuntu 11.10 in a laptop and had the need to connect to a cisco based anyconnect VPN. After lots of attempts, finally this concise and well explained document achieved the miracle!

    So, once I got connected to the desired VPN, I posted this 🙂

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