Debugging ‘Unsupported authentication scheme ‘ntlm” errors while using Perl WWW::Mechanize

Recently I got a really boring task of performing the same task over and over again … in a GUI. Obviously I am waaay to lazy for that (and bright enough to figure out how big a waste of time that is).

In an instance I fired up vi and started to hack together a little perl script using WWW::Mechanize to do all the work for me. I quickly ran into problem …. I got ‘Unsupported authentication scheme ‘ntlm” errors when trying to fetch the pages.

I played around quite some time before I realized that i missed the Authen::NTLM module. I had the LWP::Authen/Ntlm and that tricked me for quite some time. I was down to a simple script that just had

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use LWP::Authen/Ntlm;

Before I could see that I missed Authen::NTLM. Once I had that downloaded and installed, things started to work as expected.

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