New server ….

… well, almost. To let one of my boys use the nVidia 7900 GT graphics card I bought for them, I had to move some hardware around. My Aopen i915gmm-hfs motherboard was taken out of my server and put into Benjamins computer. Instead my server got his ASUS A8N-VM CSM motherboard. To keep power consumption of my server down, I decided to enable cool’n’quiet, use a 2.5″ diskdrive for the root partition and use powertop to minimize the number of interrupts. Tomorrow I have to get rid of the built in nvidia NIC (it generates 100 ints/sec) and use an intel pro100 or pro1000

In any case this is only temporary, until I can get an atom or arm based mainboard with 4 sata connectors without having to shell out millions of dollars on it :-)

Ohh yeah, also “upgraded” from Debian to Ubuntu. Ran into some anoyances with regards to /var/run and /var/lock combined with a seperate /var partition. Ubuntu is not really server quality yet if you can not move /var to a seperate partition without problems. Sorry, but it really is not!

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