Nokia E66

Then it happened. I got tired of apple and the iphone! The iphone could have been soo much more useful. Sure it is awsome for browsing the net and taking high quality pictures. But basic features like outlook sync, bluetooth support and MMS are lacking. And after almost a year there is no sign of apple implementing these features. It is not because the iphone lacks the technical capabilities. It is purely a software problem/restriction. One can only guess why apple have choosen to limit it.

I got a Nokia E66 as a replacement. While being inferior with regards to browsing the net and screen realestate, it synced up to my outlook work calendar using bluetooth without any hazzles. It has all the features (and many more — barcode reader!?!) that you would expect from a phone in 2008. I plan to play with the GPS in it, when I get the time :-) Will surely come in handy when I go to reading in November on Vertias storage Foundation course.

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