Veritas Cluster Server 5.0

Together with a fellow co-worker from Telia, I was on a 5 day course on Veritas Cluster Server 5.0 (for Solaris) at Symantec Education, Green Park, Reading/UK. Let me say that Veritas Cluster Server is almost as good as a cluster server could be. It was good taking 5 days of to play with VCS. In my day to day work I do not have the time to fool around, so being in a lab being able to fool around with non-production stuff was good. The actual training material from Veritas was good, but not more than that. The computers were slow (Sun blade 150s), there was to much time for the labs and the lab sessions was not advanced enough for Rene and I. Other students however, had their hands full, so I guess it is hard to balance the eduction so that all are satisfied.

The hotel was not interessting (by a long shot), but luckily Rene knew Søren, who was kind enough to show us where to eat in Reading 3 days during the stay. Thanks to him for taking the time to showing us these fine places in reading:

 Other than that, we was a trip to London and I got myself an iphone (on sale on O2 for 169 – guess the iphone 3G is being released real soon now ™.

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