Sooo many things to do, so little time :-/

The first who invents timestretching will become filthy wealthy… Seriously I just realised that I have to many projects which I havn’t got the time to do. First of I would like to expand my knowledge of these computer languages:

  • ADA (never tried it)
  • COBOL (never tried it)
  • Java (java 1.5 is out. And I never got around to 1.4).
  • C# (I abruptly stopped my investigations of C# when I finished my thesis).
  • Ruby

And that was just from the top of my head. I seriously need to devote some time to learn those languages. And I have a list of books to read, and a list of places to see, as well as lists with music to hear, people to see, and  …..

 Life is truely wonderfull. All these great options. I can’t figure out why people can say that they are bored from time to time. I mean, just digg in. There is so many things to do and so little time :-)

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