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Veritas Cluster Server 5.0

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Together with a fellow co-worker from Telia, I was on a 5 day course on Veritas Cluster Server 5.0 (for Solaris) at Symantec Education, Green Park, Reading/UK. Let me say that Veritas Cluster Server is almost as good as a cluster server could be. It was good taking 5 days of to play with VCS. In my day to day work I do not have the time to fool around, so being in a lab being able to fool around with non-production stuff was good. The actual training material from Veritas was good, but not more than that. The computers were slow (Sun blade 150s), there was to much time for the labs and the lab sessions was not advanced enough for Rene and I. Other students however, had their hands full, so I guess it is hard to balance the eduction so that all are satisfied.

The hotel was not interessting (by a long shot), but luckily Rene knew Søren, who was kind enough to show us where to eat in Reading 3 days during the stay. Thanks to him for taking the time to showing us these fine places in reading:

 Other than that, we was a trip to London and I got myself an iphone (on sale on O2 for 169 – guess the iphone 3G is being released real soon now ™.

Certified in ITIL v3 foundation

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

The most important certification this year is mine to hold: “Foundation Certified in ITIL Service Management version 3″. Whooooaaaa. NOT!

Basically I went on the course because ITIL is a buzz word of the year and I wanted to see just what it was all about. Basically old stuff in new words. A lot of words actually. More than necessary! But then again. These courses sells like hot-cakes, so who can blame HP :-)

My score was 75%. Not execeptionally good, but who cares. I got the ITIL v3 pin. It can be bought on ebay a little later ;-)

MC/SG course at HP

Friday, April 4th, 2008

I attended a MC/SG (Service Guard) cluster course at HP Denmark together with Peter this week. They get bonus points for provding good food, good fascilities, execelent tutor (Jan Bjørn). But while all of these bonus points add up, I can’t help being negative about the whole experience. MC/SG (11.17) is no match for the competition, not by a long shot.

But atleast Peter and I got the oppetunity to fool around with LVM, scripting, Service Guard and we got a lot of good info from Jan Bjørn on various unix related things. Which is good! So to sum up: There really is NOT more to Service Guard than what meets the eye, which in my view isn’t enough in 2008. But maybe the redesigned Service Guard (11.18) can change that.