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Sooo many things to do, so little time :-/

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

The first who invents timestretching will become filthy wealthy… Seriously I just realised that I have to many projects which I havn’t got the time to do. First of I would like to expand my knowledge of these computer languages:

  • ADA (never tried it)
  • COBOL (never tried it)
  • Java (java 1.5 is out. And I never got around to 1.4).
  • C# (I abruptly stopped my investigations of C# when I finished my thesis).
  • Ruby

And that was just from the top of my head. I seriously need to devote some time to learn those languages. And I have a list of books to read, and a list of places to see, as well as lists with music to hear, people to see, and  …..

 Life is truely wonderfull. All these great options. I can’t figure out why people can say that they are bored from time to time. I mean, just digg in. There is so many things to do and so little time :-)

The end is near…..

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

…. well, I’m not about to start on some domesday prophecy or something. No its much more simple. The end is near for my faithfull server I think. What should have been a simple reboot resulted in two hours of downtime. It just hang on “verifying dmi pool ….”. It took me some time to resolve the issue. I put in a gfx card (a server does not normally need a gfx card and thus no gfx card is installed in my server), attached the keyboard and mouse and tried to see what were wrong with it. To my surprise it booted just fine. I pulled out the gfx card and took out the keyboard and mouse and it hanged at the next reboot. …. time passed with me being more and more annoyed …. Finally I figured out that if the mouse was present it could boot otherwise it just hang.

So I’ll try to keep it running, because I’m sure that the next time I reboot it, it might not come back to life anymore…. Almost like a good friend of mine is dying ;-)