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passwd problem on nis master

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

I was bitten lately by a problem of chaning passwords for users on a NIS master running RHEL 3. The actual error was

RPC: Can’t encode arguments
The password has not been changed on <nis master>.
passwd: Failed preliminary check by password service

I could not easily find anything on google about it. It took a while to figure out, so for reference I document my fix here. I merely removed the word ‘nis’ from /etc/pam.d/system-auth, and that seems to have solved the issue. It has worked previously with that word, so why it started to fail is beyond me, but who cares anyway.

Linux (ubuntu Karmic Koala) on HP Elitebook 2530p

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Finally got my new laptop (the old one served me well), an HP elitebook 2530p. I had my doubts on the ability to be able to get suppport for every piece of hardware in this laptop under Linux, but it was doable. Not without issues, but still fairly easy.

I opted for the latest ubuntu, Karmic Koala (9.10), which on the time of writting was release candidate. The installation went smoothly. The windows partition got resized without issues and after a few clicks on the next button the system was up and running. With encrypted ext4 filesystem and all.

Working without a hitch:

  • acpi (suspend, fan control, speedstep)
  • sound
  • graphic
  • wired network

Working with some debugging

  • Initially the wireless would not work with my wrt54g. It worked with other wifi hotspots. Symptoms were that the laptop could not a dhcplease from the router. Tried to flash the router with dd-wrt firmware instead of the tomato firmware. Did not help. Breakthrough came when I reset the router settings to “Default”. Then it worked with dd-wrt. I reflashed it with tomato and it still worked. So it is possible to enable “some setting” in the wrt54g router that cause problems with this laptop. My other laptops did not inhibit these issues. But then again. The laptop can not really be blamed.
  • My external Huawai E180 did not work. After some googling, it turned out to be a bug introduced in a specific kernel release.  The solution was to downgrade the kernel to a previous version. The only one available was 2.6.31-9-rt, which I choose and that works just fine.
  • The built-in Qualcomm Gobi 1000 3G module requires a firmware and a firmware loader to function. The firmware loader can be found here. It is just a little .c program and a set of udev rules. After that you will need the firmware. That can be obtained from your windows partition. If you do not have the driver for the windows environment it can be obtained from hp. The Gobi chipset is a fullblown arm cpu which can function as a 3G modem for various types of 3G nets. Different firmwares allows access to different networks. This piece of information gives an overiew. For my part I needed the 6. th version of the firmware as I live in Europe/Denmark.

All in all a couple of minor issues. I am really satisfied with this latop and the way Linux works on it. Will hopefully be a good laptop for me in the next couple of years.

Sjælland Rundt 2009

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Sammen med en del andre fra mit arbejde kørte vi sjælland rundt d. 3. Juli 2009. Det var en hård tur. Set i bakspejlet skulle jeg have haft trænet noget mere. Næste gang er jeg bedre forberedt :-)

Veritas Cluster Server 5.0

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Together with a fellow co-worker from Telia, I was on a 5 day course on Veritas Cluster Server 5.0 (for Solaris) at Symantec Education, Green Park, Reading/UK. Let me say that Veritas Cluster Server is almost as good as a cluster server could be. It was good taking 5 days of to play with VCS. In my day to day work I do not have the time to fool around, so being in a lab being able to fool around with non-production stuff was good. The actual training material from Veritas was good, but not more than that. The computers were slow (Sun blade 150s), there was to much time for the labs and the lab sessions was not advanced enough for Rene and I. Other students however, had their hands full, so I guess it is hard to balance the eduction so that all are satisfied.

The hotel was not interessting (by a long shot), but luckily Rene knew Søren, who was kind enough to show us where to eat in Reading 3 days during the stay. Thanks to him for taking the time to showing us these fine places in reading:

 Other than that, we was a trip to London and I got myself an iphone (on sale on O2 for 169 – guess the iphone 3G is being released real soon now ™.

Certified in ITIL v3 foundation

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

The most important certification this year is mine to hold: “Foundation Certified in ITIL Service Management version 3″. Whooooaaaa. NOT!

Basically I went on the course because ITIL is a buzz word of the year and I wanted to see just what it was all about. Basically old stuff in new words. A lot of words actually. More than necessary! But then again. These courses sells like hot-cakes, so who can blame HP :-)

My score was 75%. Not execeptionally good, but who cares. I got the ITIL v3 pin. It can be bought on ebay a little later ;-)

MC/SG course at HP

Friday, April 4th, 2008

I attended a MC/SG (Service Guard) cluster course at HP Denmark together with Peter this week. They get bonus points for provding good food, good fascilities, execelent tutor (Jan Bjørn). But while all of these bonus points add up, I can’t help being negative about the whole experience. MC/SG (11.17) is no match for the competition, not by a long shot.

But atleast Peter and I got the oppetunity to fool around with LVM, scripting, Service Guard and we got a lot of good info from Jan Bjørn on various unix related things. Which is good! So to sum up: There really is NOT more to Service Guard than what meets the eye, which in my view isn’t enough in 2008. But maybe the redesigned Service Guard (11.18) can change that.

Visit to Motorola Swindon to learn about UMA

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Together with Per, Claus and Michael I have just visited Motorola in Swindon, england to take a one day course on UMA (Ip network Controller/Media Gateway part). Motorola keeps the UMA name eventhough UMA has been renamed 3GPP.

The trip over there from copenhagen seems like a small flight, but all in all it ended up being a 7 hour trip! (Delays in departure, delays on the inflight (circling twice over heathrow) and ofcourse our gate had been taken by another flight and so on. Some day I’ll write a real flightplanner application. Can only be better than the junk application that airports use at the moment.

The course reminded me of the openview course Henrik and I attended last year. It was a little bit better but Motorola managed to screw up the “hands on part” (why do these screwups always happend to big companies?). Luckily I was able to fix it using my laptop. This enabled me to dig really into the UMA system. I managed to take the system down by thinking out of the box. Ooops motorola! And ofcourse I managed to guess the root password on both the UMA test system and the associated accesspoints. LOL. But it was way better to break the system and fix it afterwards than following some sandbox drill on the system!

With regards to food I can just say. Been there, done that, never going to move to UK permanently. They deepfry EVERYTHING and has absolutly no culture for vegatables! We went to a fine and expensive restaurant to get a decent steak. The steak and wine was good. But the garnture consisted of deepfried potatoesticks and 2 pieces of carrots and 3 pieces of asperges. All 5 were waaaay overcooked and could be “chewed” by someone without any tooth. Sigh.

The talks with Per, Michael and Claus over some drinks however, were really really beneficial. We learnt alot about their work and thoughts about Telia and vice virsa. All in all the course was fine, but I would rather have taken it somewhere else in the world.

Out of space …. on christmas day

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Murphy got it right. By a long shot. Unfortuniatly. Ofcourse Openview runs out of tablespace on christmas day eventhough I did do a christmas cleanup before we left for christmas. All due to another TT on another system spamming Openview.

Well, the good side of the story: I work together with a bunch of competent and professional colleagues. So ofcourse we got it fixed. Even on christmas day.

Merry christmas! :-)

See you around Natalie!

Friday, November 17th, 2006

All good things come to an end! Today Natalie  left me and Henrik. A blog post about this is in order. Thanks for the patience and good training Natalie! I know that I got on your nerves at the end with my endless stream of questions. You have made me come a long way with openview in the last three months. Three months more and I’ll be on top of the product (7-9-13 ;-) ).

CU around and keep in touch!


My first duty experience

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

After going live with our new environment at work, Henrik, Natalie, Jørgen and I went out to celebrate it. After a couple of strong beer I was semi wasted and had to head home. An hour later I got my first duty call. Apprently some people had not realized that we had turned of the old environment at work :-/

Funny thing though, to be semi wasted and on duty. Many thanks to mr. Hadberg for being there with root powers for me!